Training Aims

These are my training aims as I see them at the start of this intense training programme. They may be subject to adjustments as I reflect on and review the programme from time to time. Currently they are very subjective but I will attempt to make them more objective in due course. SueC

1. To improve general fitness in terms of increased:
  • Endurance - target: to shadow box constantly for 20 minutes 
  • Strength and muscle tone. Targets:
    1. 50 single arm benches (each arm)
    2. 50 tricep curls (each arm)
    3. 50 crunches, straight and oblique
    4. 50 wide squats, 50 narrow squats, 50 lower half squats
    5. 50 tricep dips
    6. 50 press ups. 
  • Static and dynamic flexibility. - targets:
    1. To be able to fully open my hips in a butterfly stretch i.e be able to put my knees on the ground!
    2. To be able to do a full bridge.
    3. To be able to lift my legs up forwards, sideways and backwards up to shoulder height.
2. Development of good body alignment and movement:
  • Improved posture and balance. Targets:
    1. To stop leaning when performing punches
    2. To consistently put feet in correct position to maximise base of support for each stance
    3. To stop swaying or wobbling during combinations or kata performances
  • Better stances and stance transitions. Targets:
    1. To perform all stances with correct foot position, weight distribution and knee bend
    2. To move between stances with correct movements, good balance and without 'bobbing'
  • Improved punches, kicks and blocks. Targets:
    1. To consistently use correct technique, with particularly reference to the following:
    • Kicks: lift knee high and snap back kicks fully
    • Punches: Eliminate any leaning, ensure punches are horizontal, don't twist too early, extend punches fully, keep shoulders relaxed and elbows in.
    • Blocks: ensure blocking arm doesn't drop below belt when preparing the block and ensure arm isn't too high during uchi uke.

  • Better use of hips. Targets:
    1. Ensure entire koshi region is unified during a hip thrust.
    2. Fully retract hip and coordinate hip thrust with technique
    3. Ensure power from hip thrust is transmitted in horizontal plane
3. Better understanding and use of body mechanics to generate:
  • Greater power
  • Greater speed
  • Increased reaction times
4. Develop a better sense and understanding of self-defence strategy, specifically better use of:
  • Angles and evasion techniques;
  • Strikes, counter strikes and blocks;
  • Takedowns and throws;
  • Locks.    
  • Increase understanding of sen no sen, sen sen no sen and go no sen in a fight situation.