Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Progress report on my leg....

Less than 2 weeks now to black belt grading! My injured leg had its first real test last night and held up pretty well. We went through all our combination techniques including the ones with the dreaded jump kicks that usually set my leg off again. These felt okay on the whole and I just kept stretching my quads out between each set.

We then went through our kata and bunkai. After about 20 minutes of practising these on our own, those of us that are grading had to demonstrate all our kata and bunkai to the class as if it were a the real thing. I felt relieved when Sensei said that it had all gone well and would have been worthy of a pass in the grading (relief!).

My leg was feeling fine at this point and I was still stopping to stretch it regularly. At the end of the class we decided to have some races which involved crawling or running over large crash mats - good fun but ouch! Not so good for my was aching like mad by the time I got home and stretching had become painful again (arrrgghh!!!). What was I thinking joining in with that race?

So it was back on with the heat pad at home and a massage on my leg by my husband - he has a vested interest in getting me fit for the grading since I am his grading partner! The tiger balm that I had ordered a week ago from a well known Internet shop (A--z-n) had still not arrived, not even been dispatched yet - just when I needed it. Today I decided to buy it the old fashioned way by going to a shop - it worked, they had it and now my leg stinks of Tiger balm! Stretching is still a little tender today but not as bad as last night.

I have another class tonight but I think I'll pass on the games this time if we have any! 


  1. Keep up the recovery methods, be careful just before a grading - now is the time to ease back on training just a little. Given that there is an injury involved, always side on caution for optional extras. Your grading will be great, enjoy the experience!

  2. Yamabushi, I agree with you, I've definitely eased back on training a bit - avoiding further injury is my main concern. My leg seems to be doing okay at the moment, I'm pretty optimistic that it will be okay on the day.

    Sometimes I think events are conspiring against me - I received a black eye in karate on Wednesday (freak accident with someone's elbow!)and on Thursday I had a car tyre blow out at 70 mph. Fortunately I was able to stop safely. These things are sent to try us I suppose. Nothing is going to stop me grading on the 12th though.

  3. I agree with the PP, taking it easier is definitely the way to go for the next week or two. You know your fitness level is up where it needs to be now so nows the time to rest your leg up and make sure it's on top form for your grading.
    Youch at the black eye... and Eek! at the tire, that sounds scary. Glad you're okay Sue.
    I know I say this every time I comment but I cannot believe how quickly the time is passing. The weeks seem to have flown by since you started the countdown blog.
    Is the 12th a Sunday? What time will your grading be at?


  4. Hi Marie, it's just 6 days now - yes it is on Sunday and starts at 10am. There are 18 of us grading which is more than twice as many as usual so it is going to be a long day - at least 8 hours I should think!

    This week I am just flowing through my kata and walking through all the partner stuff just to keep it all fresh in my mind. The bruising around my eye is virtually unnoticeable now and my leg is feeling good (that Tiger Balm is brilliant!)so I'm feeling confident about the grading now. I'll keep you posted!


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