Thursday, 9 June 2011

Some nutritional advice needed...

I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice about what food/drink supplies I should take with me on my grading? I will be getting up about 6.00am and having a good breakfast before we leave at 8.00am to travel to the grading centre. The grading starts at 10.00am and will continue until around 7pm. We will not be tested continuously for that period and will get breaks between sections, though we will have to remain in the grading hall. I think we get a 30minute 'lunch' break at a suitable point.

It will be a long day and I will need to keep my energy levels up. I can't eat anything that will sit heavily in my stomach so I expect I'll be taking frequent snacks and drinks between sections. So far I have a couple of protein bars but what else should I take? Sandwiches? cake? cereal bars? I don't know! I will take plenty of water, but what about a flask of coffee or energy drinks? Any recommendations? My appetite may be suppressed during the grading due to adrenaline levels but I know I must eat something.

I'd really appreciate your advice and suggestions...... 


  1. Bananas! Full of potasium and sugars. Also cut up mangos, full of B12. Drink water with a squezze of fresh lemon

  2. Something with complex carbs for breakfast (porridge is a winner). I agree with the bananas, also protein or muesli bars (but watch out for refined sugar in those).

    Definitley no coffee or energy drinks (caffeine is a diuretic and will increase how quickly you lose fluids (not good when you're already sweating buckets!).

    Water, water, water! Those sports drinks that replace your carbohydrates as well as salts are good (you need the carb replacement to keep your energy levels up). You can also get those carb gels which are good for a quick fix (you usually have to take them with a certain amount of water). Something sensible for lunch (sandwiches, fruit, yoghurt) - filling but not too heavy.
    Water is undoubtedly the most important thing though.

  3. Good advice so far. I'd also add some pretzels for quick bites during the testing breaks to keep your carb reserve up.

    Carbo loading before the test is important, too. You're right - your day will be VERY long - like ultra-marathon long. You'll probably need to rely on reserve stores of carbs to get you through it without feeling totally devoid of energy. I suggest starting today, but here's a great article that details what carbo loading is and how women respond differently to it than men:

    You're on the right track, Sue. You will be brilliant :-)

  4. Patty had good suggestions which are natural, more or less, and not heavy. You want to make sure you maintain very, very small portions spread out through out the period.

    You should nibble continuously when time permits bu remain aware and stop before nervousness causes you to consume to much.

    Stay away from "suger, fat, and salts," in any of the foods you eat. They will give you a rush yet soon after drag your body and most important mind into a sluggish state.

    Marie says it well, water-water-water, and also with moderation. Sips when you are not active, small sips to maintain hydration. If it is hot a few sips, that is it ... again sips through out the day.

    Keep that water luke warm and stay away from cold or icy water or drinks. The cold can shock the system when you are that active. It may feel and taste wonderful but it is like leaving the desert after a long time in dehydrated state, you want to drink slowly, room temp, and little sips over longer period.

    Carbo loading is not recommended. Carbo's like suger feel right but don't carry you the distance. Some use it because it involves activities that last a half hour or so but for the long haul, not good, for health, not good.

    Eat a well balanced diet the night before but don't let the tendency to stock up influence you. Eat till you feel satisified, not full and not real full, then push away from the table.

    Avoid all alchohol in any form. Power bars have good stuff in them as well as suger, fat, and salt, the bodies enemies.

    Just a thought, regardless, your preperation tells me we will be hearing the cheers and accolades soon after the test ends.

    Black belt, we use to tell newly awarded YuDanSha they, "have earned their wings, welcome to the sky!"

  5. In my opinion I'd just take something you already know you can eat. Changing your diet at this point is risky!

    For long tournaments I take the usual brand of fruit juice that I take with me when I'm training. I have a coffee during the lunch break (because I'm addicted to coffee and feel horrible if I go more than a few hours without one).

    I don't take sandwiches (they tend to go icky in a warm room), but I do take my favourite protein cookiee, and a few other snacks - bananas are a good one! Is there something you already know you like, that will keep well (a flapjack, or a cereal bar that you could nibble on for energy).

    Once again, good luck with the grading!

  6. Thanks for all the advice, I'm now planning my list of snacks to take which will definitely include bananas and probably mango too. The little and often approach seems the most sensible way to go. I'll probably take something salty to replenish salt reserves (I get cramp very easily) and plenty of water. I might also take a carton of cranberry juice (water gets so boring after a while). I don't mind warm sandwiches so I may take a few of them as well. Wow! It's starting to sound like a picnic!


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