Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The countdown begins.....

Welcome to my new blog! For those of you who don't already know me, 'Countdown to Shodan' is a sister blog to 'My Journey to Black Belt'. I have created this new blog to plan, document and analyse my training over the next few months as I prepare to take my Shodan grading in May/June 2011.

I currently train about 5 hours per week in karate and one and a half hours per week in kobudo. In the run up to my black belt grading I have decided that I need to increase the amount of home training I do to supplement my class training. I need to do this in a structured way so that I focus on all aspects of the syllabus and in particular on my weaknesses.

By publicly documenting my training and progress I hope to 1) stay motivated and committed, 2) provide a written record of my schedule which is open to scrutiny and analysis, 3) observe my own progress over the months through the posting of videos and 4) share the journey with other martial artists who are also preparing for a black belt grading in 2011.

So whether you just want to follow my progress or you are preparing for your own shodan test why not leave me comments and share your thoughts and tips about training with me.....


  1. Wow Sue. Not long now!! I've really enjoying reading your other blog and tagging along (cyberly) for your karate journey. Good luck with the training, I'll do all I can to help keep you motivated.


  2. Hi Marie, thanks for your support

  3. Sue: Awesome, I look forward to reading all your posts...I would wish you good luck but feel you don't really need it.

    Also, please take any and all of my comments simply as my curiosity and nothing personal. Sometimes I get a bit opinionated and pushy but will try to keep the monkey brain in check.

    Go for it!


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